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Welcome to Capital Criminals.

This page focuses on NYS’s Capital Region.
There are mainly local issues, but many local issues do have a broader impact.
Most world and national issues also have local effects.
With this in mind, the world is my playground, starting right at my front door.

Much of what we consider to be “issues” are usually matters of some gravity.
So, I will do my best to keep the writing as light as possible.
I’ll throw in the occasional bit of levity as well.
Everything that appears here has been written by me.
Should I ever post something here of someone else’s I will make sure to note it in a byline at the beginning of the piece.

I won’t just be covering “issues”.
I’ll also post things about different events that catch my eye and I see as worth mentioning.
However, this will not be a social calendar by any means.
If something is coming up that seems fun and not well known, benefitting the community as a whole, or extending a helping hand it might appear here.

I love to hear from other people.
Even if their opinions are different from my own.
Hell, especially if they’re different.
Variety is the spice of life  and whatnot.
Not to mention, how can one have a thoroughly engaging discussion without differing points of view.


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