Ironically, Hobby Lobby Protesters Have To Buy Their Markers Somewhere Else

nce again the interwebz are on fire because somebody, somewhere, has been wronged!
(Seriously though, let’s face it, that virtual fire is so hard to put out that it’s like the Net has the clap and isn’t being treated for it)
Hey, speaking of the Clap, you know that it is, right?
Yup!  It’s a sexually transmitted disease!
Know a great way to help prevent the Clap?
(Bite your tongue if you said abstinence and crawl back in your basement with your Kirk Cameron posters!)
Now, what do you think of when you think of Contraception?
Hobby Lobby, of course!
(damn, that was a hell of a trip to make that connection)

So, let me sum this up, if you’ve been online today you know that Hobby Lobby is run by the Hitlers and in their evilness have convinced the American Courts that they don’t have to provide contraception to their employees.
Those Bastards!
Don’t they know that we have rights?
Who are they to make decisions regarding a women’s body?
What rights will they violate next?

Yeah, that’s today’s internet in a nut shell for you, minus the cats of course.
(Spoiler alert, those cats still can’t have cheeseburgers….what about their rights?)

Now, if you think this is going to be a piece spewing outrage, you’re right.
If you think I’m going to be advocating hate crimes against Hobby Lobby, well, sorry, Cupcake, this isn’t your ride.

This case, and subsequent tsunami of anger, point out one of our biggest problems in America.
We confuse “Rights” with “Wants”.
People really need to pick up the Constitution and start reading it..
There is no “Fuck like bunnies worry free” amendment. (Although Bill Clinton might have tried…)
The issue here has been taken out of such context that it has become gross.
Hobby Lobby claimed religious freedom.
I can see their point of view.
However, it should never have been about that.
Letting the situation go in that direction was the first big mistake.
Actually, Obamacare was the first big mistake.
Now, before any more haters start up, let me explain.
Obamacare sucks.
Wait, there’s more, it’s not entirely Obama’s fault, yet it’s his stigma to bear.
Nancy Pelosi and her ghouls screwed us over on all of their rewrites and secrecy about the actual bill….but that’s another post.

The real issue here is Employer Subsidized Benefits.
That’s it, entirely.
Here’s the part that you won’t want to hear….benefits are NOT a right.
There is only one thing that Employees should EXPECT from an Employer, and that is a PAYCHECK.
See, people think that benefits are meant to ensure an employees well being.
That’s a commonly accepted fallacy.
In reality, that’s one way businesses compete with each other to secure the best employees.
Employees are a commodity, first and foremost.
Another way that businesses compete for Employees is by offering competitive wages.
Did you know that the average starting pay for a Hobby Lobby employee is $9.90/hr, and the starting hourly wage for a full time Employee is $14/hr?
Those beasts!

We, as a people, have come to expect too much.
We have become a society of enabled twits.
We think that the world owes us everything for merely existing.
The simple truth is that we are only owed what we have earned.

Would you like to talk about rights?
Here’s one for you.
You have the right to remain silent.
You should start using it.
Maybe pay a little more attention and try to understand a few things.


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