Time To Say Goodbye To An Old Friend




We all have that one bar that we remember from when we first became legal to drink (or sometimes even a little before we “technically” became legal… not that I’m admitting to anything mind you)
My first Bar was simply called “The Bar”.
That’s it.
Some people called it Joey’s.
Others called it The Troy Bar.
I just stuck with The Bar.
It was so much more fun in conversations.
I always enjoyed the quizzical looks as people worked their way out of a “Who’s on first” type conversation.

I made many friends there.
I created scores of memories.
No matter how old I become I will always smile when I think of The Bar.

Although, that’s not as easy today.
After about 18 years of doing business at the corner of 118th st and 2nd ave (Rte 4) ave in Lansingburgh (North Troy) is closing its doors this Saturday, June 8th.

Many people might argue that a bar closing down for good is no reason to feel a bit of loss.
It is though.
Having your first legal drink has become a rite of passage.
That’s usually the first bar related memory.
Many more usually follow.
Sure, some of you are thinking that those memories involve bar fights and hangovers.
That tends to be true more for the people that have a predisposition towards bad decisions.
Those memories reflect more on the person than the place where the memories originated.
A sizable percentage of my good memories happened there.
Those memories aren’t filled with empty bottles and flaming shots.
Instead, they’re filled with friends, music, and fun.
A good bar is really just a focus point for people to come together and enjoy themselves.
This particular bar had nearly two decades of that.
So many games of pools and darts.
Think of how many people hooked up there in that time.
And even how many remembered it the next day and continued to see their new found friend.

So, when a bar closes its doors there is a reason to get a little misty.
It’s a chance to reflect on our own pasts and sift through some of the better memories.
Dwell on the fun.
Relive the adventures.
Tell the embarrassing tales.
Remember it the way you would the passing of a friend.

I’ll be stopping in tomorrow (Friday) night to say goodbye.
Hopefully I’ll see some of you there too.
let’s make an Irish Wake of it.
Send the old watering hole out in style.


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