Fact: Easter Bunny Pictures Are Cuter Than Teenage Mob Pictures

In the past few years personal safety has become more of an issue than it has ever been in our lifetimes.
This is true where ever you go.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a big city or a small town.
There always seems to be something devious hiding in the shadows waiting for us to drop our guards.
The problem with the creatures in the shadows is that once you shine some light on them they look just like you and me.
People are the only real monsters out there.
That’s why we depend on the police so much.
They’re trained to protect us from the monsters that we have trouble recognizing.

Last night I was sitting in the living room, playing a game.
My daughter was playing Club Penguin on the laptop.
It was nice enough outside last night to justify having the windows open.
I’ve always enjoyed the sounds of the city.
Traffic rolling along, the chatter of people on their way to various destinations, the squeals and hisses of a bus, hinking horns, and the occasional cry of a siren are a comforting music to those of use that grew up in a city.
However, at one point a low buzz started as a background to the ever present rhythms and continued to grow.
It became a murmur, then a buzz, and eventually a rumble.
It was scores of voices passing by the house.
At first the teens’ voices were what you’d expect, exd laughter.cited words flying back and forth punctuated by giggles and laughter.
Also welcome noises, usually.

It didn’t take too long for the pleasant thrum to change.
Words took on an edge.
The tone became darker.
There was less laughing, and not all of that was pleasant anymore.
I got up and went out to the porch to see what was going on.
My eyes were first drawn to the lights of the police cars, six of them, creeping down Fifth Avenue.
Then I saw the tenagers, more than a hundred of them on the block I was at.
It was hard to tell how many had already past, and harder to tell where they ended as I looked up the street.
My daughter was amused and in awe looking at all of those kids.
Amazed at how many police cars kept on coming.
As the police cars came to a stop I counted thirteen of them in the procession.
Another on was going up one of the side streets, and I could see the glows of car mounted spotlights scanning back and forth in the alley and beyond that on sixth ave.

I could hear some cries from further up the street.
From adults, angry at the behavior of the teens.
The youths had become rowdy.
They were threatening adults,and some had even damaged cars with crowbars.
One group was preventing a car from pulling out of its driveway up the street.

While all of this was going on, despite the amount of police cars evident, I didn’t see one officer get out of their car to try to control them.
They merely watched from the safety of their cars, “escorting” the hooligans on their journey, leaving the citizens they are sworn to protect to fend for themselves.

This all started at Germania Hall, a well known Banquet house in North Troy that has been around for generations.
Apparently the police had to be called to handle a sweet sixteen party that had gotten violently out of control.
Now, considering the fact that there was reportedly over 300 kids in attendance, the police should have contained them on the premises and started contacting parents.
Instead they released the group of angry and violent teenagers back into the street to spread the havoc which had just started.

This was definitely a failure on the part of the police.
Another local community, Colonie, has had problems with teenage hoards roaming the streets victimizing people and damaging property.
Their police (who just happen to be the highest paid police force in the state) also just follow the kids around.
It’s not a tactic that has proven effective yet.
Innocent people keep paying for this failure of government.
This type of treatment actually empowers the group.
It makes them feel important.
They’re receiving all of this attention.
It makes them feel big.
When you add Mob Mentality to the picture coupled with the inaction of Law Enforcement they start to feel invincible.
That’s a dangerous formula.

To top things off, the local media has neglected this story.
Despite it’s being all over the scanners and social media.
None of them even so much as posted a quip saying that they were working on finding out what had happened.
They only seem to have come to action after being called out on their various Facebook pages for not covering the story.

It’s important for the Media to cover events like this.
The events of last night may have only affected several hundred people, which is a drop in the bucket for a city the size of Troy, but those people were still failed by the Police.
Since its creation one of the primary responsibilities of the media has been to point out the spots where the government has failed to live up to fulfill its duties.
Last night both our protectors and voices failed us.

Today we speak for ourselves.
With enough of us, we can be heard.
I hope enough people speak up so that something like this doesn’t happen again.
If it does, we may not be so lucky, and people may get hurt, not just property.


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