And Just When You Were Thinking That We Had Forgotten What Winter Was Again…

I have to admit it, the view outside of my bedroom window right after a snowfall is quite beautiful.
There’s about 3 pine trees, and several deciduous trees mixed together in a thick, towering, row.
That pristine white snow glimmering in the dusky light filtered through thick grey clouds is set off by the contrast of the green pine boughs or brown branches peeking out from under the edges of the snow.
A very calming sight, I could look at it for hours…but any attempt to do so would slip me back into a pleasant little sleep.

This is a very different scene than we had just twenty-four hours ago.
Yesterday it was cool and sunny at this time.
We had just finished up the January thaw.
The Thaw is what has my attention today.
See, I do love the January Thaw.
For those of you from different regions, or even countries, that are unfamiliar with it, the January Thaw is a period of anywhere from four to fourteen days (approximately) where we locally achieve higher than usual temperatures for the winter, and, as the name suggests, the snow melts.
The grass gets muddy, the concrete and asphalt dry.
Some people even put shorts on when they go out.
(Those people usually end up sick a week later too…)

It’s the break we usually need.
Winter in Mid-state New York, and the Northeast in general, can be a rough time.
We get snow storms, sleet, freezing rain, blizzards, ice-storms, etc.
And often before Thanksgiving.
It’s nice to have a week in the middle that’s a break from all of the inclement weather.
It helps us to recharge, and to get ready for February.

What I do hate about The Thaw is something simple.
The January Thaw is one giant tease.
There, I said it.

Once that snow melts and those temperatures rise, so do our moods.
Naturally, thoughts shift to Springtime.
Hopes are raised.
You start making plans in your head.
Each warmish sunny day that passes just makes the list longer.

And then you wake up to see snow on the trees behind your house.

Well played, Winter, you sadistic bastard.

So, now, here we are again, buried in the reality of winter.
Thoughts of sunshine and budding blossoms shattered by falling icicles.
We’ll have to wait for March to arrive before we start to thaw out again…if we’re lucky.

All we can do is bundle up, put on some hot cocoa, and send the kids out armed with gloves and sleds, while we set back on the couch to watch a little Netflix.
At least Winter isn’t without its own little pleasures.


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