Good Starts Always Make The Trip A Little Easier

I know that this post is a week late, but it’s been a busy year so far.
It’s been Good busy, though.
I’m willing to bet that’s because 2013 got off to a good start.

Like many people, I went out to a party on New Year’s Eve.
I hadn’t gone out for it in a few years, and was happy that I did.
Ringing in the New Year’s with people I cared about was definitely the right way to go.
I ha a great time, and the good mood carried me on for a while.
Now, also like many people on New Year’s Eve the celebrating also involved drinking….lots of drinking.
However, I was prepared for that eventuality.
I made plans for a responsible ride home.
Which is actually very easy on New Year’s.

For years I was a bouncer, and I made calls to AAA, Cab Companies (Using the Netter’s Fund), and even Martin Harding & Mazzotti.
This year I found out about Rensselaer County’s Safe Ride Program, thanks to Troy City Councilman Jim Gordon.
He posted about it in his blog According To Jim (a great read for anyone interested in Troy)
And he shared the link all over the place.

I decided to give the Safe Ride program a try this year.
I’m glad that I chose them instead of the alternatives.
When they arrived for me at two am, they came to the door of the house and knocked rather than honking the horn out front like everyone else did.
The vehicle which was sent for me was a county van, and it was driven by two Rensselaer County Sheriffs.
It wasn’t awkward at all.
As a matter of fact, both Sheriffs were extremely good humored.
The ride back to my place was quite pleasant.
Next year, should I go out again, I’ll definitely be using the Safe Ride Program, and recommending it to others.


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