Of Mice And Men…But Mainly Mice…Well Armed Mice

I’m a believer in Civil Liberties.
I stand by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.
Especially the Bill Of Rights.
The Bill Of Rights was the Foundation.
It’s what we built everything on.
Through the Bill Of Rights we can still hear our forefathers’ voices guiding us more than two centuries later.
Men that purposefully delved into anarchy to overthrow tyranny.
They then took that Anarchy and crafted it into order.
That was an accomplishment.

I’ve always respected anyone that defends the Bill Of Rights as well.
The ACLU is vital, in my opinion.
And, I respected the NRA and its firm backbone.
I actually respected them for taking down their Facebook page for a week.
In doing so they avoided heated and unnecessary arguments.
Most posts on their page would have been from angry people, spreading hate because they don’t know what else to do.
Taking their page down for a week prevented these fruitless confrontations.

The respect that I’ve had for them took a serious hit today.
NRA’s VP Wayne¬†LaPierre decided to explain the reasons for the temporary removal of the Facebook page today.
Once he cleared the air on that subject, he decided to talk about Violence in America, and how Guns were really a victim that take the blame for something else….Video Games.
Yes, you heard me.
Dealers shoot each other for territory or revenge because of video games.
Mentally unstable people that don’t get the help they need shoot people because of video games.
Young men living in ghettos that join gangs because it’s the safer alternative in those neighborhoods shoot people because of video games.

Is anyone else getting a headache from grinding their teeth too hard right now?

Does Mr. LaPierre remember how many times the NRA was blamed in similar fashion?

I’m not going to go into a huge diatribe here (wipe the shocked look off of your faces)

I just want to point out that the tactics LaPierre has resorted to equate to dirty pool.
He single-handedly took a group that has always stood its ground and in the span of a few seconds branded them hypocrites.
He’ll probably be confused now when politicians and the media start taking him less seriously.
Hopefully he realizes how foolish he came off in his actions an.d takes steps to minimize the damage.
If there’s going to be any sense made in the upcoming debates the NRA will have to be at the top of its game, and this step backwards won’t make it any easier for them.


2 Responses to Of Mice And Men…But Mainly Mice…Well Armed Mice

  1. calvin says:

    the true problem is that we no longer stand up and take resonsability for our actions. we no longer lift a finger to help our fellow man( its nice that you put money in a bucket but that only goes so far) ( give a man a fish you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish you feed him everyday) we no longer try to change things we just sit and let it happen then complain about it.WE ARE TRULY A LAZY.we find it easier to make excuses and lay blame then to say I SCREWED UP,or to ask how do i fix this. its not the game or the gun its us as parents being lazy and to full of pride to admitt thers something not right. you child does drugs,kills someone,robs a bank.geusse what its your fault for not raising them right.THE TUFFEST PART OF BEING A PARENT IS WE NEVER KNOW IF WE DID OUR JOB RIGHT. so heres what im saying turn off the tv,game consule,the computers,and sell phone get off the couch and spend time with your children.while I came from a single parent home I saw a lot of children playing catch with there dads its more than just throwing the ball back and forth they were talking to each other. none of them ever killed anybody. eat dinner at the tabel with your family as often as you can.we started this late in my childrens child hood but we actuly have a lot of fun doing this,and they get olong with each other better.TELL YOUR CHILDREN YOU LOVE THEM SHOW THEM RESPECT AND YOU WELL BE TEACHING THEM TO DO THE SAME.what im saying is just be part of your childrens life.say hey theres something wrong well need to get help. teach them right from wrong.I am but a truckdriver I am big,tuff and scary but i weep at the loss of twenty little children and the thought of loosing one of my three children. sorry that i dont spell well or that I have bad grammer but if a big dumby like me can figure this out why cant a smart person?

  2. Calvin, thank you for your comment.
    No need to apologize for spelling or grammar, you made your point quite well, and I for one didn’t have to struggle to understand any of it.

    I agree completely with you.
    Responsibility is something that we seem to forsake a little more each year.
    Blame keeps getting deflected, and the issues become confused.
    And with a tragedy like this we should never confuse the issue.
    You should read my previous two articles if you get the chance, I think that you’d relate to them.

    One thing I was impressed with was actually part of the Fox News coverage of the incident (I’m very rarely ever impressed by anything on Fox News). They treated the issue with gravity, seriousness, and dedication.
    They interviewed a Mental Health Professional by the name of Dr Alan Lipman.
    As a psychiatrist he actually admitted that the young man that perpetrated these unforgivable acts should have been receiving the proper mental health care and we need to study this case and see where we failed him.
    That’s the only instance I’ve seen of anyone in the position to do so, not redirect blame but search for the real reasons.
    I have even gone so far as to write to Dr Lipman to tell him that I was impressed by this.

    I also agree that we need to make quality time for our children.
    I get my daughter every other weekend, and I always try to make those weekends count.
    We talk, we laugh, we play.
    And when her friends or cousins are over I make sure that I’m still around if she needs anything.
    I can’t imagine why parents would want to exist any other way.
    Some might say I cherish our time more because it is limited, but my parents are still married to this day and they were the same way with us.

    The way they raised us is probably the number one reason that neither my brothers nor myself have ever been in any trouble with the law.
    I’m proud to have had them as my parents…even at those times that they can be annoying. (Don’t any of you give me that look, we all find our folks annoying at times, but we still love them)

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