Blast From The Past, 30th Anniversary Edition

You might be sitting around with your coffee and newspaper right now trying to figure out what to do today.
However, at this very moment, Downtown Troy is alive with activity as people finish setting up for the annual holiday tradition The Victorian Stroll.
This year marks it 30th year, and it’s still going strong.

'Saxophone Santa', a perennial favorite

‘Saxophone Santa’, a perennial favorite


Every year people descend upon Downtown Troy to take part in the festivities.
In the Atrium’s main floor entertainment can be found on the main floor changing every half hour.
(Personally, I recommend the Trojan Highsteppers @1pm.  Those kids  are adorable and talented)
There’s music, dance, and baton teirling throughout the day.
On both the first and second floors there are dozens of various merchants selling all types of unique gifts that you’d never find available in Target, Kohl’s, or Wal-Mart.

Once you head outside you’ll walk among people dressed warmly in both modern fare, and many decked out in posh Victorian Garb.
You can also find chestnuts roasting on an open fire, carolers, dancers, Living Mannequins in the Some Girls Boutique window, a wide variety of food merchants  in Monument square, big fluffy dogs pulling kids in Wagons, Reindeer, and a variety of costumed characters like; Uncle Sam on Stilts, Snowmen, Saxophone Santa, Harley Santa (complete with motorcycle), and Father Christmas.

All of the store fronts are also open, welcoming people in for special deals, and even some activities.
Popcorn, Cider, and music, are available in the Troy Savings Bank, as well as a Santa for kids to tell their Christmas Wishes too.
Pioneer Savings bank has Cider, cookies, and a Santa of their own, as well as a storyteller in the lobby if you want to get off of your feet for a little bit.
If you’re child free most of the pubs are also welcome to pour a little Christmas Cheer of their own.

The Victorian Stroll has something to offer almost everyone.
And is a great way to take part in an annual tradition
It’s website is;

I hope to see all of you down there today.


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