Keep It Local Today, Help The Community

I know, as far as titles go it’s not as snazzy as some of the other gems that I’ve come up with.
I wanted to be clear and concise instead of clever and witty.

I’m a big believer in our area.
I’ve actually been a fan of Troy since I was a wee’un.
So, when an opportunity comes along to spread the word about something that helps our Community I’m all for it.

Yesterday we had the dark day of observance known as “Black Friday”.
It’s a day that’s a necessary evil, to help bolster the economy via capitalistic actions.
However, we all feel the sting of it.
It’s a day that changes people into grim, grabby versions of themselves.
They become territorial and defensive in their pursuit of deals and savings.
Despite the fact that we’re only trying to get things to make our loved ones happy the day still turns into the complete antithesis of what this season is all about.

Speaking of which, before we get anybody harping on the “Spirit Of Christmas” let me throw the brakes on for you.
You don’t need to be a Christian, or even believe in any God, to enjoy this time of year.
It’s about love, sharing, and good will, regardless of what faith you do or do not answer to.

That having been said, Small Business Saturday is the perfect way to get back on track for the holiday season.
For those people that do not know what Small Business Saturday is, here’s a brief explanation; It is a national movement that promotes the patronage of small businesses within your own community on the Saturday immediately following Black Friday.
A large percentage of the money spent yesterday at the Wal-Marts, Targets, Kohls, Big Lots, etc…gets sent out of the area.
Small business Saturday helps put some money back into local circulation while also helping out the members of the community that own the small establishments.
Some may look upon that as an act of charity.
In reality, it isn’t.
Instead it’s a chance to walk among your neighbors and find items that you’d never be able to find at a big chain.
We live in an area that is brimming with all types of artisans and craftsmen.
A purchase from them can easily provide the unique gift that someone will absolutely love.

There are numerous types of small business locally to choose from.
Troy, Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga have all types of Thrift Stores, Boutiques, Galleries, Craft Stores, Book Stores (my personal favorites), Music stores…well you get the idea.
The smaller cities in between also host a variety of locales that teem with potential to find unexpected treasures.

This type of event often also proves to be a great opportunity to spend time with the kids, family members, or friends.
Hunting for something special with people close to you can be an adventure.
Especially when you walk from store to store and see all of the items that never even occurred to you when you sat down to write your gift lists.
All of the cities also boast numerous eateries to relax at and recharge while you’re between stores.
That chill in the air today makes it the perfect day for some Hot Chocolate and freshly baked cookies.

Five Troy business owners have even decided to make their Grand Openings today;

Swinehundt Designs (182 River St.), Playing on the Furniture (272 River St.), T and J Soaps (271 River St.), Design it Together (291 River St.) and Dang That’s Cherry (11 Third St.)
Elizabeth Young, the Downtown Troy BID Executive Director celebrates BID’s second year participating in Small Business Saturday, and Mayor Rosamilia will be attending each opening.

Look out your windows, there’s some flurries here and there.
No snow has built up in the street.
The temperature is still nice enough for an outing.
And there’s dozens of small stores near you that whisper the promises of an adventure.
What more do you need?
Go out there, shop, have fun, and know that you’re helping out the people you live with


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