The Power Of Observation And The Flexibility Of Dates

Here I am sitting around at 10:30 on a Monday morning enjoying myself a lazy day.
It’s an unusually mild morning for a Capitol Region November.
It’s one of those days where it is warm enough to throw open the windows, yet cool enough that having a light blanket draped over your shoulders feels amazingly cozy in the balmy breeze.

Normally at this time I’d be on a break from work.
I’d still be on my computer, but in a far less comfortable place.
I’d also be required to be wearing pants.
(I’m in shorts, get your minds out of the gutter)
The reason I’m able to just sit around today is because today, November 12th, is Veteran’s day (Observed).
Oddly enough, this bothers me a little.

Now, I shared my appreciation of our fighting men and women yesterday.
I don’t mind also doing so today.
It’s not something I’d mind doing every day.
After all, I believe that each of us needs to remember that Freedom is not free.
It comes with all types of prices that we tend to forget about.
That’s the subject for another article though. (which will be written eventually)

What bugs me about today is that somebody felt the need to move the official observation (albeit temporarily) to a weekday.
I’ve thought about this, and the only reason for doing it that makes any kind of sense to me is to guarantee Veteran’s day as a day off of work (for those in eligible jobs, that is)

While I don’t mind having the day off I can’t help but wonder if that cheapens the purpose of the day just a little bit.
I know that it wasn’t intended to take away from the 11th itself.
Plus, it does give a day off to people that work for companies that only give Federal Holidays off.
Which days like today are sorely needed in those places.

Now, despite my feelings on the subject, I’m not going to be one of those people that boycotts anything to do with today (That’s right, Angelina Jolie, I’m looking at you.  get the stick out of your butt and let Brad have some turkey this Thanksgiving.)
Instead, I think what’s best is if we look at it from a different point of view.
I don’t think that we have to choose which Veteran’s Day to celebrate, Actual or Observed.
We should choose to observe both.
Let an extra day serve as an additional reminder of why we have everything we love so much in life.

So, even if you did so yesterday, go out of your way to thank any serviceman or woman that you see.
I guarantee you that they never hear it enough.


3 Responses to The Power Of Observation And The Flexibility Of Dates

  1. Tina says:

    I donated, free of charge, 2 rooms at the B&B , for some Vets to enjoy themselves. What ticked me off was the rushing though breakfast, because the”Vets” had to get to work. What ???? Why can’t we make it mandatory, that ALL Vets get that day off? Others who never stepped foot on a Military base have the day off, why not the Vets? after all it IS Veteran’s Day!

  2. Tina, I think that it’s absolutely fantastic that you donated those rooms.
    I agree with you that it should be mandatory that Vets get it off without repercussion.
    After all, employers are required to allow penalty free time off for Reservists when they’re reporting to duty.

  3. JMc says:

    While your sentiment is appreciated, I believe most of us would prefer to go about our days fondly reminiscing. We don’t demand recognition, we are humbled by the fact that we volunteer to serve this great nation.

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