When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens…Just Don’t Let Either Hit You In The Nose

Albany’s Downtown Bar Scene has taken a severe hit recently with the closing of several of its bars and clubs.
The most surprising of which was Jillian’s, being a staple for many people’s weekends.

Lately, when Friday afternoons roll around, Facebook and Twitter start buzzing with posts from men and women in need of a temporary reprieve from their daily drudgery.
Almost every one of these posts is reaching out to kindred souls as they try to figure out where to go.
The Albany Bar Scene hasn’t shown signs of improving.

However, the Downtown Troy Bar Scene has been getting better.
It suffered some setbacks, but has been getting back on its feet.
One of the things that the Troy scene easily has to its advantage is that its bars are pretty much clustered together in two distinct groups that are easy walks to and from each other.

Your primary group is the Downtown Proper group.
This includes places like Bootlegger’s, Kokopelli’s, Bat Shea’s, The Ruck, and Dublin’s,The Charles F Lucas Confectionary & Wine Bar, Broadway Brew, to name some.

Not to mention that some eateries, like I Love NY Pizza, stay open late to accommodate patrons.

Just north of the Downtown Proper bars are your River Street Bars.
These include Ryan’s Wake, Brown’s Brewery, Revolution Hall, Dinosaur Bbq, and Jose Malone’s.

North Troy (Lansingburgh) even offers a decent variety of establishments (even if they aren’t as close together) such as The Scoreboard, The Irish Rover, The Galley and Grog, O’Brien’s Public House, Forty One Sports Bar and Grill, and The Bar (aka Joeys, aka The Troy Bar)

With notable mentions in between of The Ale House and The Recovery Room

The Downtown Troy Business Improvement District has been working to make Downtown Troy an inviting area for current and future customers.
It was readily obvious during their last Troy Night Out celebration that Downtown Troy is becoming livelier and livelier.
This is the perfect time for patrons of now closed Albany establishments to come across the river and see what they’re missing.
Especially now, before the influx of new consumers arrive.

Another thing that Downtown Troy has going for it is the currently being constructed Bomber’s Burrito bar Troy.
It will be on the corner of Federal St and King St, right across the way from Ryan’s Wake.
It’s the first new place to take root on the King St side.
With generous parking and several pieces of prime commercial real estate available alongside Bomber’s this section promises to flourish quite nicely in the next year or so.

This is a welcome addition to our Downtown Troy community.
Hopefully it will also help Albany Bar Scene transplants feel more comfortable seeing a familiar site.

Of course, I’ve only really talked about Troy’s Bar Scene here.
There’s plenty of other reasons to come to Troy.
As much as our fair city has improved in the last twenty years it still has a bad rep.
That reputation is no longer deserved.
I recommend keeping an eye on the following page for more great things about Troy.

So, get yourself over to Troy and see what you’ve been missing.


One Response to When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens…Just Don’t Let Either Hit You In The Nose

  1. Bill says:

    Dang…! They’re turning that place into a Bomber’s..?! Nifty!

    I hope they beef up the crosswalks across Federal Street/Bridge Ave. They’re gonna need good crosswalks, with the amount of pedestrian traffic that’ll bring to the area.

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