Collateral Storm Damage

Every presidential election should have some impact upon history.
After all, each election is a turning point in our nation’s history, being that moment that decides how things will change.
Many elections have had memorable moments; the Kennedy debates on TV, Bill playing Sax on Arsenio, “Read my lips, no new taxes”, and the election of our first African-American president (but not our first minority president, that happened with JFK, he was Irish Catholic, that was a minority)
These are a sampling of things tjat left an impact from previous election years.

This year is already a promising year for memorable moments.
We’ve had our first candidate ever to go crowd surfing at a rally (Gary Johnson in Utah).
Locally there’s been an animalistic campaign between Doheney, Owens, Schreibman, and Gibson that almost makes us, the voters, feel dirty.
This year Third Party candidates have mad a much greater impression and gained more recognition as serious options then ever before with not just one, but two viable candidates.
And the internet, wow, it has been more influential than any other medium this time around.
With political rants, campaign posters, linked speeches, cartoons, and jokes all flying l

Like spit from a parkinson’s afflicted came’s mouth this election has been more of an onslaught than ever.

Another interesting happening is how Hurricane Sandy is being used to influence matters.
Some clever mind had themselves a stroke of genius and created a Twitter account named #Romneystormtips and posted this up:

This went viral almost instantly, retweeted quicker than the latest Lindsay Lohan nip slip.
So, of course, more had to follow.


 There are more, they kept on coming….for a while, that is.
Then Twitter shut down the account.
I know that some of you think that this is the end of the story.
Fear not, it isn’t.
Remember kiddies, nothing ever disappears on the internet!  Nothing!
Instead, the tips starting appearing on Tumblr instead’s-storm-tips

Who knows if this will honestly have any effect on the actual outcome of the election.
Although, I don’t think that it will help Romney any at all.
I guess we will find out on Tuesday.


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