Don’t Worry, It’s Almost Over. All We Have To Do Is Wait It Out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all of the horror stories.
The scare tactics are just over the top this year.
People used to be more mature at this time of year.
I almost wince every time I hear my doorbell ring.
I hold my breath as I open the door, hoping there’s no politician on the stoop waiting to tell me what’s wrong with every other candidate.

I remember when candidates used to tell you what they planned on doing to improve the general state of things.
Now they just sling mud about any competition.
And we encourage them by buying their crap and voting for them.

The commercials are more annoying than ever this year.
And, tot top it off, now they have their mothers on commercials defending them from the competition’s accusations.
If we’d brought our Mommies to a fight to defend us when we were kids we’d have gotten the crap kicked out of us in the schoolyard the next day and we’d have been made fun of until the day we graduated High School.

I’m about ready to get Schreibman, Owens, Doheny, and Gibson, throw them into a ring, give them each a rusty knife and make them fight until there’s a winner.
No mercy.
No time outs.
And no tetanus shots.
The last man standing gets the office…until the lockjaw sets in.

Regardless, I’m just sick of it.
Just 6 days to go and I can watch regular TV again without hearing about tax shelters in the Caymans, the pillaging of medicare, or Sasquatches.

I’ll be so happy to see screwed up Ragu commercials and Life Alert ads again.


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