Fun, Free, and Freaky

Well, there’s three things right there that make any event better.
Especially with Halloween just a few days away.

There’s two events that I am attending this weekend.
I urge everyone to attend them and have a little spirited fun.

The first is the Zombie Walk.
It’s the Troy Night Out, Halloween Edition, for all intents and purposes.
It’s a zombie parade that starts at RPI with students and heads to Sage, where they are joined by more students, after which they head to the Zombie dance-off, where everyone gets to join in.
At the Dance Off all of our creepy crawlers will be taught how to dance The Thriller.
Being Troy Night Out (customarily the last Friday of the month) there will also be attractions at various other Downtown establishments, from displays, to music, to refreshments.
Troy Night Out is always fun, but the Zombie Walk should really be outstanding.
==Zombie Walk/October Troy Night Out
==TODAY, October 26th
==From 5:30 to 9:00 pm

Next up on Saturday, October 27th is the Deviant Dollies {and the Macabre} Artist Reception at Desolation Road Studios.
Okay, let’s face it, both the name of the event AND the name of the studio are fitting for a pre-Halloween jaunt.
This reception features the artwork of local mixed media artist Wendy Williams MacRoberts ( http://www,
She takes her unique and  delightfully twisted vision and shares it with us, and when it can be best appreciated no less.
Her work will give you chills, and stop to make you think.
Come help support a local talent, while enjoying yourself at the same time.
And, come meet the lovely Wendy herself.
Refreshments will be available.
Afterwards I also recommend wandering around Altamont.
It really is a quaint town with lots of charm and picturesque appeal.

== Deviant Dollies {and the Macabre} Artist Reception
== Saturday October 27th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm
== Desolation Road Studios
== 182 Main St, Altamont NY



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