It’s An Imperfect System

With a title like that I could be talking about so many things.
Education?   Prisons?  Cable?
No, none of these.
Instead I am referring to our Political Process.
The common belief is that we have a two party system.
Everyone forgets that there are other choices available each election.
This election year especially, because we don’t have just one, but two viable and promising third party candidates this year.
Both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have positive messages and a strong following.
They’re actively campaigning, touring the country, talking to people, and answering questions.
Governor Johnson has even sued over the fact that they haven’t been allowed to take part in the Presidential debates.
He, and Jill Stein ended up having their own debate which was broadcast via the internet  (  )

Now, I’m not going to sit here and campaign for them.
What I am going to do is to remind you that voting is about making educated choices.
Look into the various candidates, see if they have something to say that appeals to you.
If not, that’s fine.
You at least opened your mind to the possibilities, which is one of the most important things that we can do.

Now, I will also point out that these candidates have as much support as they do largely because of the internet.
They don’t have the millions of dollars to throw away on campaigns that the recognized candidates do.
The internet has become Gov Johnson’s and Ms Stein’s best friend.

For years the University Of Colorado’s electoral projections have been something that politicians can bank on.
If you pay close attention, this projection doesn’t take into account third party candidates.
Both Ross Perot and Ron Paul have made significant showings in previous elections.
Those times were nothing compared to the third party awareness that we have this year.

Considering the amount of people rallying for each of the third party candidates, regardless of who wins, this election becomes a landmark election because of how integral the internet has been.
Campaigns are never going to be the same after this year.

Hopefully this will allow things to work out for the better.

Regardless, I reiterate, look at everybody before summarily dismissing anyone.
We should be voting for people, not parties.
Voting for parties only leads to trouble eventually.
Ask both Russia and Germany if I’m wrong.


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