Women Voters, Once Considered Inferior, Now Integral

YNN Albany featured a story last night stating that more women were registered to vote than men.
On top of that, of the voters that are registered, a higher percentage of women that are registered choose to vote rather than abstain than registered male voters.
The reporter also pointed out that despite the greater ratio most women still voted for male candidates than female candidates, and openly wondered why that was.

As little as twenty years ago, the easy answer would have been that it was due to the lack of female candidates.
However, we now see more and more women running for public office in all levels of the government every year.

In my opinion there is an easy-ish answer.
Now, before I state what it is, sit back and calm down.
Initially it will seem sexist and stereotypical.
And it very well might be.
But from my experience it’s also true.



Here it is.

Most women dislike other women.
(Let the hate mail begin!!!)
Now, before you go and tell me about all of your female friends let me remind you that those friends are trusted within certain limits.
It’s an ingrained behavior pattern.
Most women feel more comfortable around guys than women.

This is because the territoriality instincts differ between men and women.

Men are mach beings full of testosterone and pride.
We will defend anybody or anything from harm.
We beat our chests and do our jungle call.

Women watch out for a much tighter circle, and they defend what’s theirs.
And they do this with a deadly passion and intensity.

A man’s natural rival is the outsider.
The one that doesn’t belong. (which is where a number of discriminatory behavioral patterns find their roots)

A woman’s natural rival is another woman.
This is something that has been proven time and time again throughout history.
Anyone that thinks that women are the weaker sex is unfamiliar with history.
Even throughout hundreds of years of subjugation women still ruled their men.
For a decent chunk of history a woman’s value was determined by her ability to reproduce.
Anthropologically speaking, that comes from prehistoric times originating in pre-homosapien species of hominid.
Women had to compete for the attention of the males and show that she was worthy mating stock.
During those early cave-man years women were actually flat chested.
Their bosoms would fill out while they were ovulating.
Whichever woman had the breasts received attention, and favor, from the males (now you see where that started).
Eventually, some women evolved so that there breasts were full all of the time, tricking the men into believing that there was ovulation afoot, thus insuring attention  (also giving birth to the “Floozy”).

This is when the rivalry between women started.
Women wanted the attention of the men, plus the women that had the attention were also safer and better cared for.
Originally this rivalry was a survival instinct, making it a deeply embedded instinct as well.
This time period also gave birth to the duality of women’s relationships with each other.
Women didn’t want other women around because they did not want to risk losing their men.
But, when the men-folk were off on a hunt the women still had to band together for their own safety.
If they were alone they could be attacked by an animal, or stolen by a member of a rival tribe.  (anyone else picturing all of this in a bar on a Friday night?)

To make matters worse, when women were considered property they had to prove their worth or be replaced by another female. (I’m Henry the eighth I am, Henry The eighth I am, I am) which was common practice in harems, brothels, and with concubines.

All of this leads to a deep rooted pattern of behavior which is evident in a vast percentage of the female population.
Don’t believe me?
Tell me what a “Frenemy” is.

Many a woman (even in the feminist movement) more naturally trusts a familiar male than a familiar female.
And unfamiliar females are never trusted, only observed, judged, and prepared for confrontation.

Ergo, a male candidate has a much higher chance of being initially trusted by a woman voter than a female candidate does.

Now, Hillary was an exception
that proves the rule.
The reason being, that she publicly went through an ordeal where all of her husband’s affairs were aired for the world to see.
Yet, she stayed with him, she kept what was hers.
All of those other girls were sent elsewhere.
And she stayed with him after his term was over.
She stood in front of the world and showed them how it was done.
She earned respect rather than trust.
Many women saw something in her that they wanted to emulate.
And they all knew to stay away from Bill.

Huh…guess that wasn’t as easy an answer as I thought it was.
Honestly, it contained a lot less words when it was in my head.

+++   Food For Thought   +++

The scary thing here is that we think of ourselves as evolved an enlightened.
Yet, so many of our actions are dictated by primal and ancient instinct.


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