“It starts”, Timon, The Lion King

Hello, glad you found my my inaugural post.
I believe it’s customary to start with “Welcome to my special little ranting spot”
However, since this will be set up in descending order I suppose “Congratulations for making it this far, I hope I didn’t break anything of yours” is more appropriate.

So, by the time you read this, if you read this, you’ve already read everything else I’ve posted.

And, for all of you Portal fans, sorry, still no cake.

So, what to expect, what to expect.
Well, it is a blog, so ranting will be in order.
Primarily I plan on discussing things of a local nature.
By local I mean New York’s Capital Region.
That comprises of Albany, Troy, and Schenectady, not to mention the couple dozen other municipalities that serve as suburbs, villages, and towns mixed around those three.
Ours is an area that has a million+ population, even though we forget that we are a big region due to our proximity to much larger cities.
I also plan on discussing the occasional world or cultural issue.
Often tying those issues in with local impact or examples.

I hope to be both amusing and informative in my writing.
Although, when I’m wearing my blinders due to something irking me I can sometimes forget to crack a joke.
I’d apologize in advance, but what fun is it if someone on the internet actually admits that they’re wrong.
You’re going to have to work for that, damn it.

Comments and discussion are always welcome.
However, idiots be warned.
This is MY domain.
Moronic lunacy will not be tolerated

Anyway, I am glad that you made it this far.

Keep coming back, I have a big mouth and something new is always spewing from it.


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